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We are proud to partner with some of the most disruptive players in the natural foods space to create innovative offerings that fit a fast-paced lifestyle.
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Our Brands

Since 2013, we’ve been manufacturing and selling our own branded products to retailers across the country.


Our founder, Ian Lee, first started making and selling cold-pressed juices under the Pressery name in Boulder farmer’s markets back in 2013. Since then, the Pressery brand has expanded and evolved to include smoothies, drinking vinegars, wellness shots, bone broth, and (most recently) meals on-the-go, sold at retailers nationwide.  


Meet the newest member of the Pressery brand family. irl. offers healthy, convenient meal solutions that fit perfectly into a fast-paced life. From pasta night for a family of four to a fresh new take on desk lunch for one, irl. is here to help your days feel a little more manageable.

Product Highlights

Our extensive production capabilities allow us to bring a wide variety of food and beverage items to market, and our commitment to creating better products keeps us on the cutting edge of industry trends.

Slow Simmered Broths

Dressings and Dips

Fresh Juices

Noodle Kits

Grab and Go Meals

Our References

“Pressery is amongst my most trusted and open partners. Their dedication and attention to detail with product development is first-class; their team conducts countless iterations during R&D to really perfect their products. The quality of their programs was consistently superior to other suppliers. It is evident that they do not cut corners at any point in their process.”

Former VP of Innovation, Leading Meal Company
Partner of 3 years
​​"Pressery's focus on innovation gave me the confidence to plug Pressery directly into my senior team to solve a prepared meals gap in our stores. They were, and continue to be, responsible for some tremendous innovation. Their speed to market, proactive solutions and demonstrated partnership with our culinary, quality, marketing and buying departments is world class."

President/CEO, Leading Grocery Chain
Current Partner of 2 years and counting
“Pressery is truly an exceptional partner. Our DDC has run into several situations of unsellable fruit and pending spoilage; Pressery has (almost literally) made lemonade out of lemons and turned a potential write off for [the business] into profitable juice sales. Their turnaround time and absolute willingness to help is incredible. ”

Sr. Produce Coordinator, Leading Grocery Chain
Current partner of 6 years and counting

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