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Our Story

Since 2013, Pressery has been committed to bringing fresh, nourishing options to everyday people.

Our Values

At Pressery, we pride ourselves in being a value-based business. Everything we do is informed by three principles:
Pressery Innovation - Our Values


We think outside the box. After nearly a decade in the manufacturing game, we know that the food industry never stops evolving. We’re committed to evolving right alongside it.
Perseverance - Our Values


We’re up to the challenge. We take pride in our problem-solving prowess – bring us your question marks, and we’ll work with you to develop easy-to-implement solutions at a competitive price point.
Integrity - Our Values


We are committed to doing what’s right...Even when it makes our work harder. We adhere to and advocate for ethical sourcing, processes, and products.

Meet our Management Team

Get to know the health nuts with hustle that keep our operations running smoothly.
Ian Lee - Founder & CEO of Pressery


Meghan Story - Business Integrator at Pressery


Business Integrator

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