10 Healthy, Quick-to-Prepare Meals for Every Occasion


We firmly believe that being pressed for time shouldn’t mean missing out on nutrition. More and more, we’re finding ourselves at the mercy of desk-lunches and car-breakfasts, which means constantly being on the hunt for easy, nourishing meals that can be ready in minutes. Our search for health-conscious prepared food has taken us to grocery aisles far and wide, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for every occasion. Here are just a few of the winners:

1. For an easy breakfast smoothie without the hassle:  Kale Berry Smoothie From EarthBound Farms

Get your magic bullet ready – this one’s for you early risers looking to sneak some greens into your day. EarthBound’s simple smoothie blend is all-organic and ready to whirl. 


2. For a clean, nourishing grain bowl to get you through any afternoon slump: Modern Nutrition Bowls from Evol

Full of fiber and protein, these microwavable meals boast a straightforward ingredients list and fantastic flavor. Find them in the frozen entree aisle.


3. For a fresh, clean-ingredient snack or side: Red Beet & Fennel Salad from CedarLane 

CedarLane’s line-up of organic salads are as fresh as they come, with nourishing options to complement any meal. Look for them in the refrigerated grab-and-go section.


4. For when you’re craving a filling entree with a little spice: Aloo Gobhi Curry with Saffron Rice from Cafe Spice

Keep it spicy with rich exotic flavors in a fresh format. These refrigerated entrees are an easy go-to for healthy dinners for the family.


5. For when you’re craving something plant-based & hand-held: Globally Inspired Exotic Burritos from Sweet Earth Foods 

Take a stroll across global cuisines with these tasty, vegetarian-friendly burritos. They’re easy to make and even easier to take on the go. 


6. For a gluten-free desk lunch that will keep you full for hours: Amy’s Enchilada Verde Meal 

Amy’s has long been the Queen of better-for-you frozen entrees, and they certainly don’t disappoint with this filling, flavorful meal.


7. For a cozy chowder made with wild-caught fish you can trace all the way from sea to soup: Creamy Razor Clam Chowder from Fishpeople

Sometimes, you need to unwind with a little comfort food, and this soul-warming soup fits the bill perfectly. You may want to keep this one away from your coworkers, however...unless you want to be judged for violating the fish faux-pas.


8. For an elevated on-the-go pocket meal that’s vegetarian friendly: Handheld Pot Pies from Alpha

Ramen isn’t the only college staple that’s been given a glow-up. Alpha has taken on the microwavable pocket burrito, and the results are both delicious and guilt-free. Look for these precious pot pies in the frozen section. 


9. For a healthy, organic dinner when you’re short on time: Thai Style Grass-Fed Beef with Coconut Rice from Beetnik 

Beetnik never fails to blow us away with their frozen fare, and this one goes from freezer to first bite in less than 4 minutes. 


10. For when your belly wants comfort food but your brain wants healthy: Roasted Cauliflower Mac & Cheese from Luvo

Gluten-free, vegetarian, and dietician-approved – what more do you need to get you through your afternoon?