A Simple Agenda for a Stress-Free Mother’s Day


Rockstar moms deserve rockstar treatment. But a marvelous Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be a huge production (and it certainly doesn’t need to break the bank). Here are a few easy ways to make her feel like the queen she is:

1. Let her sleep in. She’s earned it.


2. Stick random love notes around the house for her to stumble on during her morning routine.

“You look stunning today” on the bathroom mirror, or “You drive me wild” on the steering wheel of her car, for example.

3. Have a fun, summery cocktail (or mocktail) ready for her when she wakes up.

The Ripe Mango Sorbetto from Gelato Fiasco mixed with a hefty dose of your favorite bubbly makes for a delightful mid-day drink.


4. Write (or help your children write) her a heartfelt, goofy rhyming poem & frame it.

5. Treat her to an at-home spa day.

Prep a bubble bath, give her a massage, and make organic DIY face masks. Try these fun, food-based face mask recipes for every type of skin from Allure.


6. Make a trip to your nearest botanical gardens, and enjoy the flowers together as a family.

7. Get a little craftsy to commemorate your day.

Just remember – mom is off the hook for cleaning up of any kind.


8. Plan an elaborate staycation.

Even if you can’t afford to jet off to Japan for the weekend, you can certainly recreate the vibe at home. Set the scene with cherry blossom branches, open a bottle of Sake, and plan a DIY ramen night (complete with a restaurant-worthy jammy egg!). End the evening with mochi and stargazing.

Pressery Brand Team