Organic Coconut Pineapple Lime

The process behind our slow-simmered bone broths extracts specific proteins and nutrients that help your body repair itself. Benefits can include joint recovery, skin health, immune support and better digestion. Our bone broths are delicious when chilled on the go or warmed in a mug.

Ingredients: Vegetable broth* (water, onion,* celery,* butternut squash,* parsnips,* carrots,* ginger,* garlic,* turmeric,* parsley,* shiitake mushrooms,* extra virgin olive oil,* sea salt, kombu,* rosemary,* coconut vinegar,* bay leaf,* black peppercorn,* allspice*), pineapple juice,* lime juice,* almond extract* (alcohol, natural oil of bitter almond, water), coconut extract* (water, alcohol, coconut extractives), vanilla extract* (water, alcohol, vanilla bean extractives). *Organic

Available in 14oz. and 32oz.